We offer you"Products as a Service" from the idea to the sales launch.

This is how cooperation works

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1. Idea development

Making the right product and the right choice for the customer is crucial for success. Excite, inspire, surprise, want to have - that's what it's all about. For many product groups, Procurely has the necessary expertise to make the difference.

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2. Product specs

We take a close look at each individual item and scrutinise its features, functionality and appearance. In doing so, we always keep an eye on the benefits for the buyer and the added value (USP) compared to existing articles. And we do everything we can to make individual designs possible, even with small production quantities.

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3. Pre-Sourcing

Procurely can draw on a network of efficient suppliers - with a clear focus on Europe. And if we don't know of a suitable supplier, we'll start looking for one for you.

4. Samping

We procure samples from the supplier's current production with identical properties but still differing design. The aim is to check quality, impression and value before release. After the start of production, the production sample is available in the final design.

5. Packaging

If desired, we can also assist with the packaging. The supplier specifies the packaging options and legal requirements for product labelling. On the basis of these specifications (printing system file / punch), the customer can then design his individual packaging.

6. Negotiation

Professional negotiation leads to competitive purchase prices. Excellent preparation is everything. Only those who can assess how the value of an item is made up can achieve an appropriate and competitive price. As long as we do not achieve this, we do not conclude the negotiation.

7. Production

The article is produced - no more and no less.

8. Quality Assurance

Product safety and liability are not to be trifled with. The legal situation is complicated, but to put it bluntly, you are liable if you stand on it. To prevent this from happening in the first place, Procurely works together with renowned suppliers and takes care of compliance with the relevant standards and tests of the products.

9. Trucking

After production follows delivery to the distribution warehouse. When importing goods from overseas, shipping and customs clearance are added, depending on the supplier's conditions (INCO terms) and your logistical set-up.

10. Sales Launch

Here we go. Whether it's a drop in social commerce, a launch in the webshop or a listing on Amazon, from now on the sales start flowing. In this phase we are happy to support you with advice, e.g. on inventory management, CRM/retention management or increasing the shopping basket (bundling).


We support

the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

In order to help our clients make a sustainable impact, we focus on cohesive action in three key aspects: environmental compatibility (planet), social equity (people) and economic potential (profit).


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